Providing services from concept to creation. Specializing in storytelling and high level brand identity and messaging.  
  We give our customers with more than just a video, we create a valuable and effective tool for marketing, tutorial, training, commercial, branding, and more!  
We are also able to produce in Spanish, and can provide all closed-captioning.  

Originally founded in 1996 as Film Pharm, Inc. as an outside production company for many studios and networks in Hollywood. Now based in Denver, CO and rebranded as two24media.

Key Production Staff

Deren P. Abram
Producer, Director
Emmy Award winning producer, videographer, editor, and writer, with over 15 years history of extensive experience in film & television including reality programming, hosted stage episodics, mow’s, and over a decade of producing hundreds of high level and highly conceptual marketing, commercial, educational, and various internal and external videos for a variety of global corporations with strict branding guidelines and deliverables.

Resume includes The ESPY Awards, X-Games, Food Network, ABC Sports, NFL’s Monday Night Football, IFC, Sundance Channel, ESPN, History Channel, Sony, HBO, Documentary Channel, Comedy Central, INSP, PAX, E!, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, just to name just a few.
Guillermo Roqués
Editor and Cinematographer
Award winning videographer and editor, with expert design, graphics, and animation skills. His ability to tell stories through writing, shooting, and editing is exceptional and takes every project to a higher level. He brings with him a specialized experience in large construction projects for highway, transportation, and city and state infrastructure projects. He has been directing, shooting, and editing narrative and documentary films and videos for companies from Europe, Canada, US, New Zealand and Australia. Additionally, he provides direction, guidance, and oversight for all projects produced in Spanish.
Will Strathmann
Award winning photographer, astrophotographer, videographer, and editor with a passion for creating dramatic visuals and an eye for perfection. He brings with him a specialized shooting style with a photographer's eye and seeks out those extraordinary and impossible shots to visually tell compelling stories. He also has a great love for the outdoors and travel that manifests through everything he delivers. His work has appeared in The New York Times, PBS, and The Weather Channel among many others.

Aerial Team
Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography by our FAA licensed pilot, and camera operator, with multiple crafts on-hand that SAFELY fly at varying speeds and altitudes. Our aerial packages include aerials, 3D modeling, geospatial tours, and more.

Other Key Team Members

We use many additional writers, designers, grips, gaffers, makeup artists, actors, voice-over artists, and other talents for our projects. We use many of the same "freelancers" when we need to scale for a particular project’s needs, and we hold our freelancers to the same high standards and accountability for every step of the process.

Your Questions - Our Answers

Are you able to provide script development?

Yes! We have written numerous award winning treatments and screenplays for many clients across a variety of industries. From simple dialogue, voice over, or feature screenplays, we can provide what you need.

Are you able to provide storyboards or other visual support?

Yes! We provide award-winning storyboard services, along with mood boards, full branding guidelines, and any other visual support needed.

Are you able to provide editing and animation?

Yes! We pride ourselves on our editing, motion graphics, and animation. Our post-production services are exceptional and takes every project to a higher level.

Can you produce or subtitle in Spanish and other languages?

Yes! We regularly produce and subtitle English and Spanish projects.

Can you provide Closed-Captioning?

Yes! We can provide all Closed-Captioning in-house.


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